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To request new water service at your property, please complete the following form. DMWW requires notice of two (2) business days in order to set up service. Service will be connected during normal business hours Monday-Friday.

Start New Service - Tenant
If you are renting the property, you will need to complete and submit a Tenant Application Form. Please fill out this Request Form and the Tenant Application Form will be emailed to you. Please have your lease information and photo ID readily available.  You can also send copies of your signed lease and photo ID by email with clear scanned images of the documents to or by fax to (515) 323-6260. Customers who are tenants of a property may be charged deposits based on services received at the property.

Start New Service - Owner

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Please provide the following information if you would like a secondary name on the account. Provide address information if different than primary address information.

DMWW Terms of Service can be found here

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