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Homebrewing Information

If you are a brewer and use water from DMWW you're at the right place.  With assistance from the Iowa Brewers Union we have assembled this page to assist you in your brewing endeavors.

Water makes up 90% of the ingredients in beer so it should come as no surprise that water can affect the beer.  Water can influence the pH of beer, which can affect the flavor.  It provides "seasoning" from the ratio of Sulfate and Chloride.  Off flavors can come from chlorine or other chemicals in the water.  Different styles of beer can benefit from different water quality parameters.

The chart below contains recent data about the amount of a variety of water quality parameters in DMWW's water.  This may serve as a useful starting point if you plan on modifying your water profile for a particular brew.  For information and tools to help you  adjust your water for different beer styles check out the resources listed below.

We use free chlorine for our residual disinfectant.  However, If you receive water we produce from Bondurant, Warren or Xenia Rural Water, it most likely contains chloramines.  Areas around Alleman and Elkhart may also contain chloramines.

We've also created this chart to update daily with water quality parameters you may be interested in for use in your brewing process. 

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Iowa Brewers Union
American Homebrewers Association

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