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Lead In Drinking Water FAQ

Water that leaves the DMWW treatment plant does not contain lead. Lead may be present in piping and plumbing fixtures found in customers’ homes; however, DMWW’s water production specialists and chemists monitor water quality parameters on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis to ensure the drinking water that is produced is not corrosive to cause lead from pipes or home fixtures to be absorbed into the water. 

Replacement of lead service lines
has been in the news a lot lately. A historic influx of federal funding and attention has spurred public discussion and action from policy-makers, drinking water utilities and public health experts across the nation. DMWW monitors for lead in the water as it leaves the drinking water utility’s treatment facilities, and has for several years, provided a program where customers may have the water in their homes tested for lead if their service lines were installed prior to 1940. In the past year, Des Moines Water Works staff has been meeting frequently with Congressional delegations, state and federal agencies, and community partners to listen, understand the funding mechanisms and regulations, and take action to protect the health of its customers.  

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