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Rates & Service Areas

Customers of Des Moines Water Works pay a rate per thousand gallons of water they consume each month. In addition, customers pay a flat monthly availability charge that is based on the size of meter approved for the property. If a customer uses no water in any given month, only the availability charge will apply. The availability charge covers fixed costs that are not dependent on the amount of water consumed, and include costs for customer service, metering and meter reading, and costs for the pipeline to serve your property, to name a few examples.

If you live in a community serviced by Des Moines Water Works, select your community from the list to the left to learn more about rates, policies, and other general information.

Sewer, Solid Waste, and Stormwater Charges
If sewer, solid waste, and stormwater charges are collected by Des Moines Water Works for your city or district, these charges will also show on your statement. Rates for these services are determined by your city or community. Des Moines Water Works acts as a billing agent and collects the payment of these charges for the appropriate offices.

City of Des Moines property owners should note city ordinance requires every property to be billed monthly for sewer customer service charges, stormwater, and solid waste, even if the property is not occupied or there is no active water service at the property. These charges are billed to the property owner on record.

Water Rates: Where Does My Money Go?
The monthly billing statement includes your water charges and billing and payment details since the last bill statement. Water charges include your water consumption, a flat water availability fee, and if applicable, a capital improvement fee. The back side of the statement includes important information about service operations and fees.
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