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Who is Water Production?
Water Production is the heart of our business. This is where water is treated and made safe for drinking. Water Production is made up of four functions: Operations, Maintenance, Laboratory and Vehicle/Facility Maintenance.

Operations and Maintenance are responsible for three water treatment plants that produce quality drinking water to 500,000 people in Des Moines and surrounding communities. In addition to the treatment plants, Operations and Maintenance staff is also responsible for numerous remote pumping and storage facilities that allow finished water to be distributed further from the treatment locations.

Laboratory staff performs hundreds of tests each day to ensure the highest quality water is produced. An additional series of daily tests on the untreated water sources allows the Laboratory staff to identify any necessary changes needed in the treatment process before the water enters the plant. The Laboratory pursues research efforts involving treatment options, microbiology, emerging contaminants, and watershed investigations and improvements.

Vehicle/Facility Maintenance takes care of all of our vehicles and buildings. Vehicle Maintenance repairs and maintains all vehicles and equipment, ranging from lawn mowers, backhoes and vehicle fleet. Facility Maintenance cleans and maintains all of DMWW’s buildings--everything from changing light bulbs to fixing plumbing issues.

The Water Production Team
Our knowledgeable water production experts drive the overall success of the department. Operations and Laboratory personnel exchange information often to ensure effective treatment is occurring with plant processes and that the most economical source water decisions are being made. The Maintenance and Operations personnel exchange information multiple times per day to ensure necessary treatment and pumping equipment is being maintained and is available to meet the daily water demand of our customers.

What it’s Like to Work in Water Production at DMWW
Operations personnel are physically staged at the Fleur Drive Operations Center 24-hours a day and 365 days a year. Maintenance and Laboratory personnel work mostly during the week. Maintenance personnel also serve on-call rotations to address any after-hour needs of the department. Facility/Vehicle Maintenance personnel work a designated shift during the workweek.

Are you Eager for a Career in Water Production at DMWW?
Each section of the department (Operations, Maintenance, Laboratory or Vehicle/Facility Maintenance) contains jobs that have a range of educational requirements. A quality high school education can allow someone to enter the department, but additional education (specialized training, associates degree, bachelors degree and beyond) will ultimately be required to advance or be placed into the remaining positions within the department.

The typical Water Production employee needs to have a mindset and an attitude that his/her daily efforts contribute to the quality of life for all citizens within the Des Moines metro area. Moral and legal responsibilities govern our steps each day as we provide an uninterrupted source of high-quality potable water at an economical price to our customers.

Des Moines Water Works is an Equal Opportunity Employer. DMWW  does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. If you need any accommodations during the selection process because of a disability, please notify the Human Resources Department at (515)-283-8700 and we will provide appropriate accommodations. 

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