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Who is Engineering?

Engineering develops design plans and specifications for construction projects, and inspects projects that are a part of the utility's capital improvements program. This includes:

  • New facilities such as treatment plants, aquifer storage and recovery wells
  • New and replacement water mains in our distribution system
  • Replacement of existing equipment, such as finished water pumps and lime feed systems
  • Maintenance of existing buildings, such as brick repair and roof replacement

Engineering maintains the record drawings for our capital projects so we have all the information on what was constructed. Engineering staff works closely with contractors and developers for all water service connections that are two-inches and larger. Engineering develops long-range plans for water resources, water treatment and water distribution to make sure we are positioned to meet the metro's growing demands for water into the future.

The Engineering Team

The Engineering Team consists of engineers, engineering technicians, engineering analysts, drafters, and support staff.  The team includes professional engineers and staff with State of Iowa Water Distribution System certificates.

What It’s Like to Work in Engineering at DMWW

We have a wide variety of projects, which provides an exciting work environment for our engineering staff. A typical cycle for a capital project is to:

  • Gather all the required information regarding the current condition of the project site.
  • Generate the design drawing with the current information.
  • Generate the design plans and specifications for bidding the capital project.
  • Monitor the construction of the project to ensure the contractor follows the plans and specifications for the project.
  • Generate the record drawings for the project, showing how the project was constructed.

Are You Eager for a Career in Engineering at DMWW?

We want team members who:

  • Like to solve problems
  • Are able to analyze and break down a situation to the smallest units to best define the real problem
  • Like to work in a team environment, and are willing to pitch-in wherever and whenever needed
  • Are passionate about providing good customer service to our internal customers.

There is room for advancement within our Engineering Team. For example:

  • Drafters have moved into engineering technician positions and positions in other departments in the utility.
  • Our engineering analysts moved up from an engineering technician position.
  • Employees have filled engineering technician positions from Water Distribution and Water Production Departments.
  • Engineers have advanced from Staff Engineer to PE Engineer, to Project Manager and to Director positions.
  • The current CEO & General Manager, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Water Distribution, and Director of Water Production were all engineers in the Engineering Department at one point in their careers.

Des Moines Water Works is an Equal Opportunity Employer. DMWW  does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. If you need any accommodations during the selection process because of a disability, please notify the Human Resources Department at (515)-283-8700 and we will provide appropriate accommodations. 

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