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Who is Customer Service?

Des Moines Water Works Customer Service Department's mission is to ensure a positive customer experience for all Des Moines Water Works customers. The Customer Service team works to deliver high-quality service, as measured by customer satisfaction with resolution, timeliness of resolving issues, and offering solutions in a professional and cost-effective manner.

The Customer Service Team

Contact Center

Our Contact Center handles approximately 800 customer inquiries made each day in the office, by phone and online. Within the Contact Center, Customer Service Representatives and Customer Service Specialists create the best solutions for customers in terms of providing general information regarding water service, starting and stopping water service, answering billing questions, structuring pay arrangements, etc. 

Field Service

Field Service is a team of experts who address customers’ needs at their home or business, including installing and repairing meter reading equipment, installing and replacing meters and turning water on and off. Field Service Workers must demonstrate mechanical and technical competencies related to the job, and must be comfortable with face-to-face contact with a diverse customer base.

Data Quality

Des Moines Water Works has more than 90,000 customers. Data Quality ensures the integrity of all customer data, from accurate billings to identifying and resolving unusual account activity. Data Quality Specialists and Customer Service Coordinators review daily exception reports to identify unusual situations that require further research and correction, complete service orders submitted by the field service team, lead group and one-on-one training with Customer Service Representatives, and provide set-up support and user testing prior to implementation of new service contracts with area suburbs.

Are You Eager for a Career in Customer Service at DMWW?

If you are passionate about helping and serving others and like to work in a fast-paced environment, consider joining our Customer Service team!  In the office environment, employees typically begin in the Contact Center as a representative and can progress to Customer Service Specialist, Data Quality Specialist, or Customer Service Coordinator.

Field Service Workers typically hold an entry-level position elsewhere in the utility – such as laborer in Water Production or Water Distribution – where they can demonstrate and strengthen their mechanical and technical skills. Within the Field Service team, Service Workers can advance to the position of Crew Leader or Supervisor.

Des Moines Water Works is an Equal Opportunity Employer. DMWW  does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. If you need any accommodations during the selection process because of a disability, please notify the Human Resources Department at (515)-283-8700 and we will provide appropriate accommodations

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