Bids and RFPs

Des Moines Water Works Finance Department handles most purchases of products and services for the utility. These activities are managed by the Purchasing/Central Stores Supervisor.

Invitations for sealed bids are also distributed as follows:

  • Available through the DMWW Purchasing Department. Copies will be e-mailed, if requested. (contact Des Moines Water Works Purchasing Office)
Submitting a Bid
To submit a sealed bid, you will need to review the specifications for the product or service requested. The specifications describe the physical, quantity, product quality, technical or functional characteristics, or the nature of a product, service or item. They also usually include a description of requirements such as inspecting, testing, or preparing a product, service or construction item for delivery. They also may include provisions that govern various aspects of the relationship of parties under the contract.

Specifications and Bid Form
If you wish to respond to an invitation for sealed bids, you must obtain a copy of the detailed specifications and a bid form. The specifications, plans, and bid forms can be obtained via this website or by requesting copies to be e-mailed to you.
Submission Deadline
The specifications will also state the location where bids must be received, date and time by which bids must be submitted. Any bid received after the time specified cannot be considered.

Review and understand the specifications, read them carefully. Please contact Des Moines Water Works Purchasing Office if you have any questions about the specifications.
Sealed-Bid Processing
Submitted bids are opened at the time and place indicated in the specifications. A contract award is made to the lowest responsible bidder meeting the DMWW specifications. Des Moines Water Works reserves the right to refuse any or all bids.
After Contract is Awarded
Written notice of the contract award is sent to the successful bidder. Bid results will be available on our website or e-mail. Vendors can request a written regret letter if they are unable to access the website for results.

If you submit a bid in accordance with the specifications and your bid is accepted, you are obligated to fulfill the terms and conditions of the specifications.

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