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About Us

Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) plays a key role in providing WATER YOU CAN TRUST FOR LIFE. Supplying approximately 600,000 Central Iowans with safe, affordable and abundant drinking water is Des Moines Water Works’ priority. 

As a regional water utility, Des Moines Water Works responsibly invests in maintenance and upgrades to critical infrastructure that supports or supplies water to the residents of Des Moines and surrounding communities. The job of Des Moines Water Works is even more important in providing the “Liquid Asset” that Central Iowa needs to survive and thrive as source water degradation continues to occur. That’s why Des Moines Water Works encourages all water users to Think Downstream about their actions and the effects they have on this vital natural resource. 

Des Moines Water Works employees are proud to be represented by AFSCME Iowa Council 61 and its affiliate, Local 3861.

Des Moines Water Works' Mission

Leading and advocating to deliver Water You Can Trust For Life.

Des Moines Water Works' Core Values

Service Solutions for Today & Tomorrow
It is our responsibility to deliver safe water and find reasonable solutions that ensures all customers obtain access to clean, high-quality water.

Collaboratively Working Together
We work to be an employer of choice by prioritizing the well-being of our team members.  We do this by listening, engaging, training, mentoring, and showing our appreciation.

Distinctive Leadership & Advocacy
We do all we can to lead the state and industry by pushing boundaries and moving our utility beyond expectations.  We have the courage to continually question ourselves to shape a better future for our community.

The Environmental & Financial Blueprint for Our Water Future
We take pride in our responsibility to protect source water quality, natural resources, and the financial investments of the utility.

Empowering & Embracing Each Other
We demonstrate our commitment to our team members, customer, and community by providing everyone opportunity to provide and receive the best water service possible.
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